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Baby care is carried out by experienced midwives who already have a Registration Certificate (STR), a Practice Permit (SIP), and a certificate of maternal and child care training.

Baby Spa:

  1. Baby gym
  2. Baby massage
  3. Baby swim
  4. Sunbathing*

Umbilical Cord Care*:

  1. Sunbathing
  2. Baby Massage
  3. Bathing
  4. Umbilical cord care

Baby Care Support:

  1. Observing
  2. Preparing baby' dishes
  3. Bathing, changing clothes and cutting baby' nails
  4. Taking care, ensure the safety and comfort of the baby, and accompany the baby
  5. Available service for daily, weekly and monthly that can be adjusted to meet your needs

Healing Massage: Special massage for babies who are in a condition of cough / runny nose / flatulence / difficult defecate / fuss.

Relaxing Massage: Basic massage for babies without any specific condition.

*Treatments preferably do in the morning.

Mom Massage: Special massage for pregnant or postpartum moms

Lactation Care:

  1. Special massage for nursing mothers
  2. Oxytocin massage
  3. Breast compress
  4. Breast massage
  1. Baby Spa starts from IDR 250.000
  2. Umbilical Cord Care starts from IDR 200.000***
  3. Healing Massage starts from IDR 200.000
  4. Relaxing Massage starts from IDR 150.000
  5. Baby Care Support starts from IDR 225.000***
  6. Mom Massage starts from IDR 200.000
  7. Lactation Care starts from IDR 150.000

*You can choose more than 1 (one) service at the same time.

**Include midwife's distance/transportation fee to your location.

***Service Packages are available, more efficient.

Why Book Nurse on Medi-Call

Trusted nurse

Care to your family

Reliable and quick response

Transparent fee


Treatment at your home

How to Book Nurse on Medi-Call

Available in These Areas

• Jakarta
• Bali
• Yogyakarta
• Semarang
• Surabaya
• Makassar
• Bandung
• Depok
• Tangerang
• Bekasi
• Bogor
• Medan
• Palembang
• Balikpapan
• Manado

Medi-Call's Nurses

  • Ns. Pera

    MJ11 1111 1111
    Perawat - Home care
  • Ns. Gundgun Wiguna

    MJ22 2222 2222
    Perawat - Home care

Patient Reviews

  • baik baik baik
    Review, Bali
  • halo halo halo
    Balita, Surabaya
  • oke oke oke
    Ganesaa Toala, Depok

Other Available Services

  • Home Care & Elderly Nurse

    24 hours home care nurse and elderly at home
  • Wound Care Nurse

    Layanan perawat luka untuk diabetes melitus dan kanker.
  • Medical Home Visit Nurse

    24 hour medical nurse service at your home

Available Services


  • Stephanie Patricia

  • Budhi Riyanta

  • Bagas Ananta


  • MEDI-CALL was chosen as Runner-Up of the 'Best Social Impact' category in "Startup Pilihan TEMPO 201

  • MEDI-CALL was chosen as Runner-Up at Diplomat Success Challenge in 2016

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