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Medical home visit nurse is a nurse who has the competence to carry out medical procedures with certain limitations in accordance with the Law, with all actions according doctor's approval / instructions.

24-hour medical nurse services at home have Registration Certificate, Nurse Practice License, emergency training certificates such as Basic Life Support / Basic Trauma & Cardiac Life Support / Handling Emergency Patients.

Medical home visit nurse helps to treat patients with medical conditions and take action based on the instructions of a general practitioner / specialist doctor. The duties include:

  1. Observe the patient's vital signs

  2. Insert medical equipments (NGT / catheter / breathing tubes / infusions)

  3. Do injection based on doctor's instructions

  4. Wound care (minor / moderate / large)

  5. Take samples (blood / urine / stool)

  1. The ordered treatment must be under the instruction and recommendation of a general practitioner / specialist.

  2. Prices include the standard equipment and distance fee. Other needs will be charge.*

*Terms and Conditions apply

  1. Infusion / Catheter / NGT starts from IDR 350.000
  2. Injection starts from IDR 150.000
  3. Minor wound care (<5cm) starts from IDR 275.000
  4. Moderate wound care (5-10cm) starts from IDR 325.000
  5. Large wound care (>10cm) starts from IDR 375.000

*Including medical professional's distance / transportation fee to your location.

**The package service is available, more efficient and convenient.

Why Book Nurse on Medi-Call

Trusted nurse

Care to your family

Reliable and quick response

Transparent fee


Treatment at your home

How to Book Nurse on Medi-Call

Available in These Areas

• Jakarta
• Bali
• Yogyakarta
• Semarang
• Surabaya
• Makassar
• Bandung
• Depok
• Tangerang
• Bekasi
• Bogor
• Medan
• Palembang
• Balikpapan
• Manado

Medi-Call's Nurses

  • Ns. Pera

    MJ11 1111 1111
    Perawat - Home care
  • Ns. Gundgun Wiguna

    MJ22 2222 2222
    Perawat - Home care

Patient Reviews

  • baik baik baik
    Review, Bali
  • halo halo halo
    Balita, Surabaya
  • oke oke oke
    Ganesaa Toala, Depok

Other Available Services

  • Baby Care

    Layanan perawat bayi berjangka waktu harian, mingguan, dan bulanan.
  • Home Care & Elderly Nurse

    24 hours home care nurse and elderly at home
  • Wound Care Nurse

    Layanan perawat luka untuk diabetes melitus dan kanker.

Available Services


  • Stephanie Patricia

  • Budhi Riyanta

  • Bagas Ananta


  • MEDI-CALL was chosen as Runner-Up of the 'Best Social Impact' category in "Startup Pilihan TEMPO 201

  • MEDI-CALL was chosen as Runner-Up at Diplomat Success Challenge in 2016

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